Our label recognizes that standard model proportions do not reflect most women.  Traditionally, designers begin the process by designing on tall, willowy models unrepresentative of most women's bodies.  The initial sample garment may fit the model for whom it was designed. 

However, when scaled up in size, the proportions become distorted and the original design is compromised - leaving lots of clothing on the sale racks, and nothing to buy. 

Our process confronts this problem by draping and cutting our collection on a size 8 model, rather than a 2.  This allows our clothing to fit a broader audience of women while maintaining the chicness of design. 

When searching for clothes to wear, we often found that the new trend in fashion is towards the theatrical, the over the top, the “notice my clothes, not me” look.  That wasn’t for us.  In our mind, fashion has always been about being a better version of ourselves, not dressing to hide who we really are. 

During our frustrated hunt for clothes that were both appropriate and accessible, we discovered that the market wasn’t really addressing the needs of real women.  Women who had real figures, women with fit, athletic shapes and women who were simply not balanced on the top and bottom seemed to be forgotten - women just like you.  

2662 is a solution for today’s real women, dressing for their real shapes and real lives.  





When Elie Sullivan first started working on Wall Street, the dress code was bow ties and navy suits – and she said no. 

Style was important and she wanted to look like herself.  Elegant.  Chic.  Understated.  Years later, she was searching for a post-work wardrobe and once again found her choices limited to frumpy, shapeless, theatrical outfits or clothes made for models, not real women.  Her friends were equally frustrated and some had given up entirely.  Even Susie Herlihy, Elie’s step-daughter and a fashion-lover, couldn’t find classic pieces with just enough twist to pair with jeans for a night out – nothing fit.  There was clearly a void.

Then Elie and Susie met Charles Warren, a classically trained designer, and the three set out to create the solution.  Together they launched 2662 New York with the mission to marry real women’s needs with a designer’s eye for detail.  Just as they are addressing the fit of a garment, they are also acknowledging the changing climate of fashion today.  In keeping with the innovation of their collection, their business model incorporates sustainable, direct to consumer, cut-to-order production in the United States.

Today, the label is a destination for year around pieces, serving as a backdrop to highlight your own signature style.