Charles & Elie's Style Notes: FIT - It's All in the Fit

Charles & Elie's Style Notes: FIT - It's All In the Fit

When we were brainstorming our ideas of the perfect collection, we knew FIT was of utmost importance. Every time we talked to friends or industry colleagues, they all bemoaned the lack of clothing that "fit" them. This complaint and the void in the market seemed to run far and wide. The more we asked, the more we found that this was a concern coming from women of all body shapes and sizes. Women of all different body types and ages couldn't find one comprehensive collection that addressed their needs. The dilemma that we faced was making garments that had a loose, relaxed fit, but still had precise tailoring and style. We wanted clothes that just skimmed the body, not hugged it. Our Parsons-trained design team got to work.

One unique aspect of our design process was our fit model. Rather than stick with the industry norm of a size 2 or 4, we opted to use a size 8 fit model. We wanted to design clothes that came closer to fitting most women. Through countless sessions of draping and pinning and cutting, we started to see our vision come to life. We realized that this was a daunting task and it's important to do this in a very thoughtful, studied manner. We've achieved what we set out to do. Our collection is comprised of styles that accentuate your shape, but don't cling to it. Try us and see if you like how we "fit"!

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