Shape.  Do you camouflage your shape when dressing? Do you enhance your natural curves?  And what about dressing for your age?  It's all so confusing.   Women just want to get dressed in the morning and feel confident and chic. And WE HEAR YOU.

2662 started from our co-founder's personal dilemma.  Elie Sullivan had every resource at her disposal living in NYC, yet still couldn't find chic, appropriate, stylish clothing that fit.  Everything was either too over the top or shapeless.  She found everyone else was thinking the same exact thing.  Elie set out to fill the void in the market.

Enter Charles Warren.  He's a classically trained designer but has an intuitive sense of how to fit clothes to women's bodies.  His attention to detail is second to none and his approach to design is innovative.  Charles' suggestion was to change the basic premise.  Start with a fit model who more clearly resembles a real woman, not a runway model.  So that's what we did.

Shape.  That's in everything we do, everything we design and create. We want to dress real women stylishly.  We design to enhance your natural shape.  We don't want to hide your bodies, we want to embrace them! 


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Our fit process is different. Our designs enhance your natural shape.


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