Behind The Label | Elie

I used to get stopped on the street all the time in my adopted hometown of New York City.  Women wanted to know where I got my shoes, my bag, my bracelet, or more importantly, my clothes.  I was used to having the world’s best fashion resources at my disposal from living in Manhattan.  Yet many of my searches through famous boutiques and department stores left me empty handed.  Women’s clothes had become too over the top, too theatrical, just unwearable.  I couldn’t buy into trends such as athleisure.  Sweats and a hoodie weren’t ideal for an older woman to wear to dinner!

Frustrated by my endless searches and faced with closets full of bags and shoes because I couldn’t find anything else, I spent many hours talking with friends about how we could solve this issue.  Smaller boutiques, we thought, or out of the way places.  Sometimes it worked, but most of the time, it didn’t.  Through stroke of luck, I met Charles Warren, through his mother of all people!  Charles and I hit it off instantly.  Charles was designing for private clients and producing his own line.  He was starting to find that the audience for high design and an elevated price point was limited.  He listened to my dilemma and thought that maybe this was a new market and the concept was incredibly fresh and original. Real clothes for real women.  He knew that he could design thoughtfully for these women, while keeping it chic. And that’s how 2662 New York was born.

-Elie Sullivan

Co Founder, 2662 New York

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